Did someone say ‘brave’?

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August 2010 - I’m a 43 year old female from Edinburgh, Scotland and am well pissed off that kidney cancer or renal cell carcinoma (to give it it’s ‘Sunday’ name) has me in it’s unwelcome grasp. But it’s not going to choke the life out of me just yet. My amazing partner Robin and I will deal with it with tenacity, dignity and joie de vivre – but be warned, the next person who calls me ‘brave’ is going to get decked!



The aim of this website is to try to give some clear information on the actual experience of dealing with rcc. Ultimately this will be completely subjective as this website simply documents one individual’s impressions of rcc*. Click on the Blog link above for my latest updates.

There are some good resources on information on kidney cancer and I have tried to summarise these in the Links page but when I was first diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2009 I struggled to find detail from a personal viewpoint – the forums on cancer support networks like Macmillan contained some useful nuggets but proved labyrinthine to navigate.

I now have Stage 4 papillary renal cell carcinoma and I have found it even more difficult to find information on what to expect next. The majority of blogs are American-based and medical care and expectations in the USA are totally different. I’m going to chronicle my experiences of rcc in the context of the UK’s NHS system.

My postings will divided into Medical blog, which will list my healthcare interactions, and Musings, a rather lofty description for the more introspective rants and ravings. There will be no talk of a ‘journey’ (with its implicit suggestion of a final destination). I will try to avoid mawkishness and melodrama but I can’t guarantee that this won’t all be hopeless self-indulgence.

Hopefully, in the midst of it all there might be some useful bits of information for anyone affected by rcc. I assume that if you’ve arrived at this page you are trying to find out more about rcc and am aware that its impact can be profound on the family and friends of those affected.

If, however, you are an emotional vampire hoping to suck some pain and anguish out of these pages then keep surfing…

Sharon McCord, August 2010

*I’m not sure why I refer to rcc in the lower case and not the upper case, as is more usual. I guess it must be to diminish it somehow.

Header image – Lily at Portobello beach, in front of our apartment.

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