Independence Day!

Sharon McCord has checked into The Christie hospital in Manchester.

Her friends and family like this!

I’ll keep this post short and sweet. The big op is on, as originally scheduled, for Monday 4th July. Robin drove us down the M6 early this morning for my lunchtime admission to the hospital. I’m currently parked up in Ward 10 of The Christie (normally bursting to the seams with day-patients it is eerily empty on a Sunday), while he checks in to the Premier Inn in Didsbury where he will stay for the next fortnight.

It is obviously frustrating to be stuck in hospital while the sun is shining but the staff are wonderful and this op is a prize beyond compare. Almost a year ago the consultant at the Western General in Edinburgh assured me that surgery was pointless and that my condition, papillary rcc, was incurable. It was a bleak pronouncement and it was, at times, tough to maintain positivity and self-belief, but thanks to the time I’ve secured through the RAPTOR everolimus (Afinitor) trial and thanks to the expertise of the consultants at this incredible hospital here I am contemplating the possibility of being cancer-free in less than 24 hours.

That’s how I see it. Originally I counselled myself to be realistic, pragmatic, wary of unfounded hope. I would remind myself to think “remission” not “cure” but now I’ve done a volte-face in my thinking. I am going to embrace wholeheartedly the spirit of BEING CURED of stage iv kidney cancer. After all, even if it transpires that I am only cancer-free from the day of the operation until the day of the next scan I won’t enjoy the relief if I am too mindful of lurking danger. To hell with that, to hell with being sensible, cautious, of being scared to dream about the future again.


How I feel!

As far as I’m concerned I’m only looking forward and therefore feel undaunted by tomorrow’s operation (they will remove my twelfth rib, muscle mass and the tumours) although I’m not so courageous that the thought of a fortnight’s stay in hospital doesn’t chill my bones. (I became quite faint-hearted earlier when faced with the horrors of a shared toilet!).

However Robin will be at my side – and as ever, I have been buoyed by the wonderful good wishes of family and friends so the 4th July will only be a cause for celebration, my personal Independence Day, as I am liberated from this damn scourge.

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3 Responses to Independence Day!

  1. Frank Searle says:

    My hopes are with you.
    Good luck, be crazy! I’ll maybe have a pint in the Canny Man’s this lunchtime to wish you all the best.
    The Western General were quite pessimistic with me and I’m on my 16th sutent cycle, so lets hope good things.

    Take Care,
    Frank Searle.

    • Sharon says:

      Frank thanks so much

      Looks like I might be joining you in Sutent at some point in the future – great to hear it is being good to you. Maybe we can raise a glass to each other in the not too distant future!


  2. george raabe says:

    Just to let people know about sutent make sure your cardiologist is aware that most of these drugs cause high blood pressure and a stroke and other cardiac disorders. My cardiologists took two months of trying to get my blood pressure down. Late March I was given a test on my neck arteries, the test showed the arteries were
    clear,July 2 I was in the hospital with a stroke a small part of my brain suffer death. I’m happy that my voice, and sight only suffered a little. The stroke was caused by my left artery in my neck was plugged completely. Now I’ve fired my oncol0gist and starting over with a new one the renal cancer in my spine has destroyed three bones at least I’m getting pain killers.
    Just thought I would share that when we have the cancer on our mind, we can’t leave our guard down – it might affect our lives.
    To everybody here – Good Luck!

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