Team McCord – Strolling for Maggie’s

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Team McCord – Strolling for Maggie’s , a set on Flickr. Click on an image above to view a slideshow of some pics from the day.

Our fundraising walk during the Challenge Scotland event at Holyrood Park, Edinburgh on Sunday 24th June 2012.

Neil, Josh and Lily showed up to cheer us on and ended up joining Team McCord for our ‘epic’ stroll! Hence Lily’s special medal.

When we set off we were all so busy chatting that we ended up lagging behind all the other Golden Milers, including those on crutches and pushing wheelchairs. Ooops!

Robin and I completed our ‘Golden Mile’ and Jackey strolled on for another few miles and ended up coming back at the head of the Three Milers.

The sharp eyed amongst you will spot the different coloured medals – that’s because we were originally given ‘Toddle for Scotland’ medals. That seemed right to us but apparently those medals were intended for the infants walk later that day so we had to hand them back in exchange for Walk for Scotland medals.

Soni and our friend Justin joined us at the Finish line at the end of a perfect morning. We know that many of you were there in spirt with us, especially sister Louise who was a big part of the fund-raising team.

Thanks hugely to everyone who has supported our VERY humble effort! We really have been so overwhelmed with the incredibly generous and big-hearted response and I have been so moved by the messages of support.

The donation page will remain open for the next month so if you want to support a very deserving charity, Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres, please visit Team McCord’s fundraising page at

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