Sharon’s final words

Sorry it has taken so long to put Sharon’s words on the blog. It has been a tough time and doing these personal things for her makes it all the more final which has been hard to bear. Thanks to everyone for all the support. Robin.

my ‘ last words’;
“My family have always claimed I had a rubbish sense of humour which always annoyed me, it’s because I was over-sensitive to criticism and couldn’t bear to have them take the mickey out of me. I was always ‘touchy’ about that. They all said I was too serious and I’m about to vindicate their theory because I want to relate a few things about them now and its all serious stuff, with no gags to lighten the tone.

From my dad Jimmy I learnt a love of music, he introduced me to Johnny Cash! That appreciation was instilled in me from an early age and it’s a gift which gave me great pleasure throughout my life. It’s been invaluable in recent years, its helped me find a way through pain and confusion.

From my beautiful, loving mum Patsy I was taught compassion, although, stupidly, I didn’t recognize it’s importance and value until later years. She’s the most kind-hearted person I’ve ever met.

There was no pressure and no criticism in our McCord household. We were raised to the mantra of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and kindness and respect to others was what was valued. Both my parents taught all their children that the most important thing in life was to be happy.

In my youth I pursued that happiness selfishly. I didn’t really understand where happiness was to be found and I took many errant steps, making mistakes which cast long shadows on my life. Achieving the happiness which my parents hoped for me proved difficult.

Then happiness came effortlessly into my life – but more of that anon. In fact, in the past few years I’ve realised it’s actually very easy to be happy – you simply have to properly value those who love you. That’s where profound happiness is to be found.

My older sister Jackey introduced me to the love of reading, a passion which has sustained me though highs and lows. I’ve also marvelled at her kindness. Few people know how much time and money she has always devoted to helping others. A few years ago she gave me an extraordinary gift, a donation to the Kiva charity. She opened my eyes to the rewards of selflessness. I tried to follow her example and be a kinder person myself.

I was always close to my wee sister Louise. When we were younger I made the effort to be brave and look out for her. If anyone threatened her I wanted to tear them to pieces, and frequently tried to do just that! In return, as adults she has always looked out for me so I have always known and been comforted by the fact that no matter how bad things were she had my back. She gave invaluable support to Robin & I at a difficult time in our lives and we were always so grateful for that. She may have been the wee sister but she has the courage of a lion. Ive always known I could depend on her, she would fly to be by my side if she could.

I couldn’t have been prouder of my brother Jason. He was the longed for son and brother but he survived the weight and pressures of such heavy expectations to grow into an outstanding and accomplished man whose humanity has never ceased to astonish and inspire me. I always regretted I hadn’t been a greater part of his life but he has always held a special place in my heart.

The most important thing about my family is that they could never be disappointed. They were always a haven. We have all been able to count on support and loyalty from each other. It’s been unconditional love all the way. That’s more precious than any amount of material wealth.

That support was also always there from our extended family. I benefitted from that hugely as a child but again, I didn’t truly appreciate it until I was an adult. I was so lucky to have such loving aunts and uncles, and I also took such pleasure from the affection and support of my cousins, in particular from my ‘Facebook cuz’s’ over the past few years. One of the very best things about our wedding was being enveloped by family love – and of course not just the love of the McCords, Timmins’, Aldridge’s, Pedens, Reynolds and Gaffneys but also the love of my other family, the McKechnies – Robin, Joan, Andy & Katy and all my new aunts, uncles and cousins from that family. I cherished that.

That wedding day was also a wonderful reunion of so many good friends. Not all were there. Throughout my adult years I’ve been dazzled by my friends qualities; Roz’s luminosity, her sensitivity, Paul’s charisma, Alison’s compassion, Karin’s grace, Soni’s loveliness, Tracy’s support, Carol’s conversation and listening ear, Wattie’s generosity, Eilidh’s big heart, Helen’s sweetness, Colin’s warmth, Charlene’s empathy, Neil’s kindness…

Well, I can’t name all my friends or all the qualities they have brought to my life – I can simply state that they have all made it golden. I’m so glad that I had the time in the past few years to re-establish some older friendships, Our friends have been the source of great comfort to Robin and I.

Anyone who knows me knows my aversion to cliches (Neil can attest that I hate puns even more) but I don’t know how else to express this simple fact; I have been rich beyond my dreams. I’ve had a loving family and such caring friends but better still the love of my life synthesized family and friendship completely.

Words are just too inadequate to express how fortunate I always felt to have met my greatest friend; I cherished every day I spent with Robin. It wasn’t always plain sailing but even in the stormiest of times I never doubted that I loved him fiercely. We count ourselves lucky to have spent the past few years marvelling at our special connection and there wasn’t a day when we didn’t tell each other ‘I love you’. Robin has the biggest heart, the most sensitive soul and the most amazing sense of humour. He always made me laugh and he made me a better person. He never judges other people & he taught me that lesson. He taught me so much and he cared for me with such tenderness but he never let me feel guilty that he prioritised me so much. We literally fell in love at first sight. He was my partner and then my husband but first and fundamentally he is my soulmate

Some people live a hundred years and never know the astonishing delight of such love. Since meeting Robin I never doubted my good fortune. He was my religion. I put my faith in him and it has proved to be a faith which was well rewarded. He was the greatest gift life could offer and loving him and being loved by him was my greatest joy. ”

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