Websites and blogs relating to renal cell carcinoma – for the larger generic cancer sites I have provided  direct links to the kidney cancer sections.

UK Websites

Cancer Research UK – probably the best factual information but also the scariest as it lists stats!

Macmillan -  good, user-friendly ‘initial diagnosis’ info. The blogs and forums section of the website can be a bit exasperating. It’s such a big site it can be difficult to find relevant facts.

James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer – a specific kidney cancer charity with a focus on campaigning.  There is a good booklet you can download on initial diagnosis.

Kidney Cancer Support Network
A UK patient-led website run by kidney cancer patients and carers for the benefit of other patients, carers and their families.

UK Blogs

The Wrighty Way- Sally Hewitt’s brilliant blog about her partner Steve Wright’s experience of Stage 4 kidney cancer has been so helpful to me. Concise and humorous it is the best UK rcc blog I have come across.
Update: Sally Hewitt became Sally Wright on Octber 14th 2010. Sadly Steve Wright died less than a month later, on November 10th 2010.

A journey of another kind…
This is the extraordinary blog of Jane Thomson, a 51 year old from Birmingham, who died in May 2010 three years after intial diagnosis. She is an excellent writer, witty, insightful and searingly honest. She  was the focal point for the James Whale documentary Jane’s Journey (links below). WARNING: Her account of her final months, sometimes supplemented by her husband Martin, is emotionally harrowing.
Martin has recently published his own blog Life After Jane.

Canadian websites

Kidney Cancer Canada - an excellent resource

USA websites

Kidney Cancer Association – the main American resource.

USA Blogs

Christopher Hitchins - when he was first diagnoses his monthly columns in Vanity Fair described his experience of living with esophageal cancer. These articles are not exactly a typical blog, they’re highly polished, thoughtful, peerless pieces of journalism. After the first few months his focus was no longer exclusively on the cancer although he has occasionally returned to the topic;
September 2010 Topic of Cancer
October 2010 Unanswerable Prayers
November 2010 Tumortown (sic)
December 2010 Miss Manners and the Big C
June 2011 Unspoken Truths

Paxman Meets Hitchens: A Newsnight Special (1/2)
Paxman Meets Hitchens: A Newsnight Special (2/2)

Martyrdog – I’ve only found a few posts by Lee but they are incisive. His ‘Canceritis’ blog is hilarious. This post, ‘You’ll just know,’ taught me that an element of denial can be not only good but essential!

The Enemy Returns -a lovely little wordpress site, great writing from this New Hampshire academic.
Update: Sadly Angelo Kontarinis died on 8th October 2010. His last post was August 2010. More info

Jane’s Story – a documentary about  Jane Thomson, author of the ‘A Journey of Another Kind’ blog
This is  a two-part documentary, about 18 minutes long in total.
Part 1:
Part 2:

James Whale Fund’s Channel on You Tube
A range of videos, including various surgical synopsis from Tim O’Brien MA DM FRCS (Urol), a consultant urologist at Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospital NHS Trust.

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