Where we live

Portobello beach

The view from our apartment

Robin and I are incredibly fortunate to live in an apartment overlooking the beach at Portobello, which is a fantastic small seaside suburb of Edinburgh. I work in the city and love the fact that Portobello allows us to be part of city life yet also enjoy a seaside existence.

To wake up each morning and watch the white horses is just the best. I was given a relaxation CD which amused me as it contained the sound of waves hitting the beach.  That’s standard audio background for us. Even when it’s stormy outside and the waves are thunderous, listening to them crashing on the sand is always a great aid to sleep.

Portobello beach

The view from our kitchen

There is nothing more entertaining that to sit at our window and watch the world drift by – it’s funny to see how excitable children and dogs get when they hit the sand.

The header image of this website is of Lily, our friends Neil and Josh’s dog, on the beach in front of our apartment.

Update: December 2010
Our surroundings have helped me to chill out of late. We’ve had a week of blizzards which has transformed the view, with the snow even piled up on the beach.

During a period when I’ve felt unsociable and frustrated I’ve piled on gloves, hat, scarves and boots and stomped up and down the prom listening to tunes and snapping pics on the iPhone – a couple of which I have posted here.

Portobello Promenade Nov 28 2010

Portobello Promenade Nov 28 2010

Portobello beach Nov 28th 2010

Portobello beach Nov 28th 2010

Portobello Promenade Dec 02 2010

Portobello Promenade Dec 02 2010 - our flat is in the background

Christmas morning - 25 December 2010

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